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Strategically measure and create paid advertising success.

Google Paid Search

Paid Search or Google Shopping? Need help to decide the best paid options for your business? Looking for traffic, lead generation, sales or brand awareness? Drive immediate results with paid advertising. Our team of experts will help tailor a strategy for your needs and start generating results for success.


Performance analysis is key when we look at building out your campaigns. We take the time to analyse current CPC, click through rate, return on investment and CPA. We make sure we find the correct keywords and search queries and minimse risk by adding effective negative keywords. If you are running Google Shopping we make sure you have everything optimised for optimal performance. We make sure you have the right Google product category structure, keywords, titles and product types. We then create the best structure for your account.


Whether it be PPC or Google Shopping you need to ensure you have the correct optimisation in place. A critical part of your campaign structure is having the right setup and keywords in place. However, the second part is ensuring your ads are optimised to ensure Google finds them relevant and sends the correct impressions and traffic. You are competing with hundreds of people bidding on certain keywords, so you need to make sure you are right in the mix.


Keywords, bids, performance, scheduling, location and keyword gaps are all part of the wider strategy. MIRA is renowned for success in ensuring the right strategy for whichever company we work with is the best possible. It doesn't stop there! Our strategy ensures we are striving towards the long term goals whilst capitalising on short term wins. We also ensure the correct Google Analytics, search console and other data is all being fed into the system.


We provide weekly or monthly reporting to our clients outlining everything that is going on. We are transparent with everything we do and it will help you understand what changes are needed to start seeing success.

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