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MIRA Marketing is a focussed and strategic digital agency which puts your business at the forefront of its industry. Founded in 2018 MIRA has already seen global success by combining our analytical and creative expertise in digital marketing. MIRA allows you to utilise our experienced skill set in order for us to deliver you, high performing cost-effective outsourcing solutions. This in-turn maximises your businesses potential online while you focus on running your business. With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, we know the right steps to take your brand forward. Our mentality is simple, we use statistics, planning and expertise to deliver high-quality results. This has led MIRA to grow so fast within the first year of business. MIRA is proud to be working with major global brands from Scalextric to US-based fitness wear brands and we are always looking to help the next business that comes to us.

Stuart is a professional, creative and highly motivated individual who founded MIRA in 2018. Before starting MIRA, Stuart was an Entrepreneur in the fitness wear and fashion industry utilising his main skill set of marketing in order to scale multiple businesses. Stuarts passion for advertising and creativity in the Facebook advertising and Google PPC area got him recognised across the world and allowed him to start MIRA with multiple large clients in multiple countries. Stuart is always keen to take the time to help, understand and be honest about how to successfully scale and grow your business. 

Stuart Bramley


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