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Facebook and Instagram are extremely powerful online marketing platforms. With over a billion active users across the world who browse over 2 hours per day, the opportunity for you to advertise your brand to a specific audience is a must when growing your business. MIRA has spent years developing winning strategies, split testing, creating tailored audiences, lookalikes and scroll stopping creatives. Our experience and expertise makes MIRA one of the most trusted Facebook advertising agencies with a premium partner badge and a client list spanning globally. At MIRA we take the time to understand your business goals and audience and monitor, optimise and tweak your advertising to ensure the best possible performance and return.


We pride ourselves on generating big returns on investment for our clients. MIRA has the expertise and ability to scale your budgets whilst also keeping a consistent return. See our case studies below to see some of our returns.


Many people think "boosting" a post or posting a generic graphic is okay, well its the quickest way to lose money. We have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds testing and know what converts. Our team will create and implement winning creatives alongside your strategies to stop the scroll and get that customer clicking through to your site.


Our experts will create a winning strategies that best fits your business goals. We spend every day on Facebook working with small to large businesses in the media buying industry. We monitor, tweak, test, plan and build out advanced audience targetting to put ads in front of the right people.​


With over 1 billion active daily users in one place we create advanced targeting audiences to deliver more engagement, leads and sales. This is by taking emails and creating pools of lookalikes, using advanced custom audiences which have been tracked and analysed and constantly test.

Facebook Advertising Case Studies

The proof is in the pudding. Many agencies may say they can get you (X) results, but can they show you?
We are trustworthy, transparent and professional. Don't take our word for it, see below.

E-Commerce Client Case Study


This client started with MIRA in December 2019 and wanted to increase the awareness and sales of a new product. Within one week we activated a full brand campaign and restructure and delivered an extremely successful campaign.
We setup multiple adsets targetting different products and audiences.
Results are: 5.56 ROAS.
Spent £3003.21 and £16,698.91 returned.

E-Commerce Client Case Study 2

$825,973.55 RETURN

Large Ecom Client which has been with MIRA since May 2019. We replaced their media buyer to make a dramatic impact on their e-commerce fashion advertising. We did a full campaign restructure and had a guideline of a minimum 2.0 ROAS due to the nature of competition within this space. In a competitive fitness fashion market, we jumped to the challenge and results are below. 2.90 ROAS. $825,973.55 returned.

Case Study 3


We have clients who operate multi million pound businesses to smaller businesses who are looking to scale and grow their sales, leads or awareness. This client came to us looking to grow for the first time using ads so we delivered a comprehensive strategy return 377% and spending within their budget. Returning $23,348.38 from $6198.06 spend.

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